Top 10 Reasons To Visit Isla Mujeres Mexico

Playa Norte – One of the top 10 beaches in the world

1. THE BEACHES – Isla Mujeres is home to one of the top ten rated beaches in the world, Playa Norte (North Beach). It has calm, clear blue water that is shallow for almost 100 yards before it is deep enough to swim. It is a pristine beach but not isolated. It has the perfect amount of charming beach bars and restaurants frequented by tourists from around the world. Naturalists will love this island, where sea turtles and whale sharks are just a few of the animals that appear here often. Another plus: there are gorgeous coral reefs within walking distance of the beaches. Enjoy the beach.  Shop with the beach vendors.  Then, when you have had enough hustle and bustle,  return to your own paradise for a refreshing plunge in your private infinity pool overlooking the bright blue waters of the Caribbean at CASA MÚSICA DEL CARIBE.


Handmade hammocks
Get a handmade hammock for a souvenir

2. LAID BACK VIBE Isla probably has more hammocks per capita than any island many people have ever visited. These hammocks are so inviting and are a perfect compliment for this island. Many people come to here for day trips and end up changing their plans to stay longer. Relax on one of the private balconies of CASA MÚSICA DEL CARIBE overlooking the bright blue Caribbean water.  Buy a handmade hammock at one of the local vendors and use it under the rooftop pergola. Watch the dolphins jump on the horizon 0r catch the beautiful moonrise or sunrise from a vantage point that most only dream about. The sunrise is first seen in Mexico at Punta Sur (South Point of Isla) BUT you can stay in your own paradise and enjoy it from your bedroom balcony or from your hammock under the pergola on the roof – with an unobstructed view.

3. IT’S ROMANTIC This is a destination not only for families but very much so for lovers. The unspoiled beaches make it a beautiful backdrop for long walks. Beachfront dining options provide a magical setting under a starry sky.  When you hire a private chef at CASA MÚSICA DEL CARIBE, you can have a nice, private, romantic dinner poolside or served on your private balcony.

Infinity Pool

4.  WATER ACTIVITIES – From swimming with whale sharks to snorkeling in the crystal clear waters, Isla Mujeres is a perfect place to experience underwater. There is a lighthouse reef, an underwater museum of art, and an ocean filled with brightly colored fish waiting to be explored and there is lots of sea glass to be gathered by collectors. End the day relaxing in the private infinity pool overlooking the Caribbean Sea at CASA MÚSICA DEL CARIBE – where the only sound you will hear is the waves crashing on the shore.

Isla Mujeres Cemetery

5. IT IS SACRED – Isla Mujeres was named for the abundant statues of Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of love, fertility, and medicine that were found by Spanish conquistador Francisco Fernandez de Cordoba in 1517. Not much remains of the ruins of Ixchel’s temple, but there is a sculpture garden and incredible views of the waves crashing into the cliffs at Punta Sur (South Point). Go here to feel the presence this Mayan mythological goddess.          



6. SUNRISES + SUNSETS – Isla Mujeres has astonishing sunrises and sunsets. At sunrise, go to the southern part of the island (which is also the easternmost point of Mexico) for the unique opportunity to be the first in Mexico to see the sun rise above the horizon. In the evening, one of the best places to view the sun make its departure is CASA MÚSICA DEL CARIBE and enjoy the 360 degree views of the island – experiencing sunrise and sunset from your own island paradise.


7. IT IS NOT AS CROWDED AS CANCUN  Isla Mujeres has grown in popularity year after year. Isla Mujeres is a gem and its charm and local people are welcoming and friendly – especially if you seek out local experiences.  Hire a private chef to cook for you in the gourmet kitchen at CASA MÚSICA DEL CARIBE  nd experience island flavor first hand.   Private chefs on the island  love cooking in our kitchen.  With a full size oven, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher, it has all the bells and whistles that most kitchens on Isla crave.  CASA MÚSICA DEL CARIBE even has a gas grill so you can have your chef cook your day’s catch poolside for you.

ziggy harley cart

8. EASY TO NAVIGATE – The island is only 5 miles long and there is no need to rent a car while on Isla Mujeres. The best way to navigate is by renting a golf cart and discovering the island from top to bottom. Take in the fresh air in the open golf carts and go at your own pace. The center of town is only four by six blocks which makes it easy to travel by foot. You can also rent bikes or mopeds if that is more to your liking.  Taxis are also inexpensive. It is so easy to drive around Isla Mujeres that a 4 legged furry family member could do it – but don’t let them.  You must have a driver’s license to rent a golf cart. When you get done exploring, you can return to your private paradise at CASA MÚSICA DEL CARIBE and wind down your day with another fantastic sunset and a margarita.


9. UNIQUE FINDS  Shop for beautiful merchandise from local vendors and craftspeople. There are people selling their goods on the beach and in vendor booths near Playa Norte and in town. The best finds are blankets, ceramics, hammocks, and beaded jewelry.


10. INEXPENSIVE – Isla Mujeres is relatively inexpensive. It doesn’t have glitz and glamour like the bigger and more popular destinations in Mexico.   The US dollar remains strong against the Mexican peso.  Silver is the item to look for and good prices can be found, especially if buying in quantity. The majority of shops and restaurants accept the US dollar but may give you your change in pesos.  It is always to your advantage to pay with pesos.