Activities On Isla Mujeres

Take a siesta in one of the beach hammocks

Pristine beaches, snorkeling, diving, deep-sea fishing, a turtle farm, in season whale shark tours and swimming with the dolphins are but a few of the things to see and do on Isla Mujeres. 

You can even relax and watch dolphins jump on the horizon  – thanks to the 360 degree unobstructed views of the island from CASA MÚSICA DEL CARIBE.

Watch the dolphins on the horizon from your private infinity pool
Catch the sunrise or take an afternoon nap on one of the private balconies at Casa Música del Caribe









You can experience swimming with the dolphins or check out the turtle farm.  There is something for everyone – whether you prefer dry land or diving right into the crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean.

Swim With The Dolphins
Go scuba diving and explore the underwater beauty
Underwater statues you will encounter on your diving trip

If you are missing Fido or Fluffy, you can volunteer with an island animal rescue.  Walk a dog.  Play with a puppy or a kitten.  Socialize a cat.  Your help readies God’s furry creatures for travel and subsequent adoption – maybe even by YOU!  Clinica Veterinaria de Isla Mujeres A.C  is a non-profit veterinary clinic and their staff would love to show you around and show you how you can spend some quality volunteer time while on the island.

Beloved island veterinarian, Delfino, and one of his special friends, Isla Ziggy.
We are on an island – Iguanas need TLC too.


Winker – loving one eyed kitty
















Whether your preference be in volunteering with canines, felines, or, yes, even iguanas (this is a tropical island don’t forget), all volunteers are needed and enthusiastically welcomed.

Isla Ziggy is a happy ending of a successful Isla Mujeres rescue.  You can read about this miracle puppy on his own FaceBook page Isla Ziggy

We have arranged for guests of CASA MÚSICA DEL CARIBE to enjoy special discounts and complimentary items at local restaurants, activities, and private chefs.  If experiencing sunrises and sunsets is the most activity you wish to indulge in – we can accommodate that for you too with our unrivaled sunrises and sunsets without ever leaving the comforts of CASA MÚSICA DEL CARIBE.

Isla sunset from the finished entertainment area on the roof of CASA MÚSICA DEL CARIBE
Playa Norte Sunset
Another majestic sunset at Casa Música del Caribe






Transportation on Isla Mujeres is by golf cart, bicycle, moped or taxi.  Of course, most people like walking to their destination – allowing the time to absorb the beauty of the island along the way to their destination.    Ferry boats run from the island and Gran Puerto on the mainland. The island is popular with day trippers,  but, activity quiets down in the evening after the day visitors leave.

One of the modes of island transportation
How many people WILL fit on a golf cart?
isla ferry
Ultramar ferry – your chariot from the mainland to Isla Mujeres

CASA MÚSICA DEL CARIBE is just a 5-10 minute walk from one of the top 10 beaches in the world – Playa Norte (North Beach).  It is equally as close to El Centro (downtown) and Hidalgo Street – the main dining andentertainment area.

There are numerous places to eat fresh seafood cooked with local and traditional recipes, and other restaurants offer Mexican, Yucatan, Italian, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Cuban, and Mayan cuisine, as well as the comfort foods of home.

Lobster dinner at Limon’s restaurant
Get some fresh squeezed juice from one of the street vendors
Not your grandma’s cold remedy

Attend a  tequila tasting party or just take your favorite bottle to the roof at sunset and “cheer” the day away as the sun sets on the horizon.  Then do an aspirin chaser and get ready for a rough “morning after”.