Isla Ziggy – From Street Dog To Island Celebrity To Sweet Home Alabama

My name is Isla Ziggy. You can call me Ziggy.  My name used to be Lloyd. I live on an island called Isla Mujeres which is in Mexico. I am part yellow lab and ALL lover. I love everybody. My four legged furry mom and dad couldn’t keep me so I was on my own for awhile – living on the streets of Isla Mujeres. I ate rocks and whatever friendly humans would feed me or throw away in a plastic bag. It was very hard living on the street – especially when it was really hot or really rainy.

People call me a miracle dog because of everything I have been through in my short time on this round thing (I hear it is called earth), so, I guess I am a miracle dog.  I am not sure if that gets me more treats or not, but I am happy with the love and attention (and treats) that I get now. They think that I don’t know that I am a dog….but I do.  I just don’t want them to know that I know.  I will stop in occasionally and tell you more of my story.  I am excited that I have my own FaceBook page though if you want to follow my rescue and subsequent adventures.  I am told that for more of my rescue story, you can Click Here For Isla Ziggy’s FaceBook Page  

I hope that you enjoy the occasional post where my mom will help me tell my rescue story periodically.  Maybe you will even feel led to welcome your own furry Isla Rescue into your permanent family. We will also share some interesting stories and information about Isla Mujeres and other travel type information.  I may even get extra treats from my mom for all the help I will give her. I like treats.

Life is good now.  I live in Alabama with my two legged family and my 6 furry brothers and sisters.

We look forward to welcoming you to our island home on Isla Mujeres, Mexico – CASA MÚSICA DEL CARIBE.


Isla “Zig” Ziggy


Adopt a furry family member on Isla Mujeres from one of the two rescue organizations here on the island – they will make your family complete!  Missing your fido or fluffy?  Volunteer while you are on the island. Volunteers are always needed and welcome!

Adopt An Isla Rescue At Clinica Veterinaria de Isla Mujeres A.C.

This organization is a non-profit vet clinic providing primary and specialist care to the pets, strays and wildlife of Isla Mujeres. They work to provide low cost services while maintaining the highest possible quality of surgical, medical and nursing care.

Foster And Adopt An Isla Rescue At Isla Animals

This organization provides free spay/neuter clinics to help control the animal population on Isla Mujeres.  They promote animal foster care and adoptions in Mexico, USA and Canada while educating pet owners about humane animal treatment, care, and responsibility.

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